Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday 6th July 2012
We did get to go to O'Rourkes Pie factory last night. The place was just as we remembered it. It looks down at heel, but that is the image they wish to portray. The food is very good, excellent value and the Mick's Grill is still served on a shovel. Different ain't it? By the way, loved the sign outside: Accommodation - nearly en suit!
As we had feared, the mooring did turn out to be a bit noisy, but thankfully no more than that. A bunch of kids stayed in the park drinking and discussing loudly until about 2.00 am. They weren't rowdy, but sleep is difficult when you're unsure.
Cath was quite unnerved by the noise and with tonight being Friday we felt that it could be worse. So, despite the heavy rain we decided to move on to Wolverhampton and hope to get a place in the basin there.
It poured it down all the way, as I suppose most people in England will be aware. The basin did have room, and despite the fact that it is only meant to be a facilities mooring (one hour only) I've decided to stay unless we get shooed off as we know it to be safe and quiet.
As I wrote the forgoing a man from the BW office came calling. Although he didn't try to move us on, he did point out that the old warehouse on the site is now a night club and noisy music would start about midnight. After that, the morning would bring crowds and the place would be fenced off because of the Birmingham Half Marathon. So we decided to move and are now at the mooring just above the Wolverhampton 21 flight of locks. I got good and soaked in the move because I didn't bother to get fully kitted out.

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