Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday July 20th 2012
This morning we started down the 7 locks of  the Buckby flight. All but one of them was in our favour so although the gates and some of the paddle gear were very heavy we had soon cleared them. That was all the locks for today.
The canal then winds through some pleasant wooded countryside, only spoiled by the constant roar of traffic from the nearby M1 on our left hand side and sudden rush of noise from the frequent trains on the busy line to our right.
On the east side the trees give way to farmland as the motorway veers off leaving only the trains to disturb the peace and quiet.
The weather was very changeable, with sunshine interspersed with sharp showers and the accompanying gusts of wind.
We're now tied up in Weedon Bec, and when the rain ceases I'll take a wander to look for some shopping.

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