Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday 13th May 2013
Another bad weather day! We set off this morning in sunshine knowing that we might encounter some showers. Boy did we encounter some showers!
The wind was very gusty, as it has been for a while now and seems to be set for a few more days looking at the forecast. Blown along by it, the first rainshower appeared after about 20 minutes. Not too bad that one, but the next was a corker and came just as Cath was opening Kirkhouse Green Lift Bridge. Luckily most of the moorings for the bridges were a bit sheltered from the wind and I wasn't trapped against the side by it as Cath had been yesterday. At Sykhouse Lift Bridge, the last one we will have to do on the way to Leeds, we made the decision to go on as far as Pollington Lock for the night.
Turning the corner at Southfield Junction we were then heading straight into the blustery wind. Soon another really bad shower came along, this one lasted quite a long time and I even slowed us down a bit hoping not to reach the mooring at Pollington while it was still hammering down. It did abate before having to tie up and once we were secure I gladly retired to the warmth of the saloon (living room for the non boaty) and a cup of hot chocolate.
Tomorrow we'll decide how far to go when we see what the conditions are. It should be either Ferrybridge or Castleford. Hoping to pick up our new water pump at Castleford.

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