Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013
We thought we would be getting an early start today, and with that in mind I fell out of bed at 6.45 this morning. Popping my head out for a look at the weather I find we were the lazy ones. Last night there were 5 boats moored up here, this morning they're all gone before we got up.
After breakfast we toddled off expecting to have to wait for the sliding railway bridge, but when we got there it was already open. The closure of the line must mean they can now leave it open except for maintenance vehicles.
Following that there was the usual series of swing and lift bridges before we reached Thorne. One sad sight we did see on the way was a dead swan. The pen was sitting on her nest, presumably with eggs, and floating in the water right next to her was the body of another one who we presume was here mate.
As we expected today the wind was a real pain in the butt. At Wykewell Lift Bridge the wind pinned Lyra to the side and it took a huge effort to get off to go through the bridge. Not long after that a light rain started to fall, but it only lasted about 20 minutes
We had hoped to find mooring below Thorn Lock, but none was available so we had to cycle through. We're now moored up in the same place that we were when came out this way a couple of weeks ago. I then went into town to get some supplies, mainly some steak for my birthday dinner tomorrow. It rained while I was out, but once again not too much, and now the sun is shining but I fear it won't last long.

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