Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday 25th may 2013
What a difference a day makes!
Yesterday was just foul. We had to go up to Armley Health Centre for Cath to have an assessment on her knees. We struggled though gale force winds and driving rain to get to the bus stop up by the market. Not a day to be out on the cut, and I feel sad for any that had to be out there.
The visit went well, and she has been told that elective surgery is a runner, but she's decided to give it try through this summer and maybe look at it again at the end of the season. This at least means that we will do more cruising this year.
Paul and Jacqui fought their way up country from Bristol, the bank holiday traffic was pretty bad they reckoned and it took longer than they had planned. Still, they got here in time for us to out to the tapas bar for the evening. Anyone looking for good food and value in the Leeds area could do a lot worse than give Azucar a tapas bar on Brewery Wharf a try.
This morning the weather was fantastic, just as the weatherman promised. After going out to get a few necessary things for a BBQ we set off for the short run to Woodlesford Lock where we planned a bit of a picnic. When we arrived here we found Mike and Sally with "Bendigo" already here, so we've moored up with them and I'm sure we'll have a good evening.

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