Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thursday 9th May 2013
With the weather set to be a bit bit less clement today we set off before 9.00 heading to West Stockwith.
The first thing to do was a passage through Drakeholes Tunnel, this is followed by a cutting which is enclosed by trees. The wind was already getting up, and as it did so it was blowing loads of blossom from the trees, it looked like we were being snowed on.
We snaked our way along the canal, the wind causing us a little trouble because of the shallow sides, while crabbing along due to the wind it puts your stern closer to the sides, which then try to pull you in.
We only had 4 locks to do today, all of them double of course. Only one was against us so it wasn't to hard. That is until Miserton Top Lock. Here the wind pinned Cath against the mooring and she was having a bit of a problem getting off. To the rescue rode I, the stern needed a good push so I heaved away. Success, but as I stepped backwards to the bank my foot slipped on the gunnel and I sat down hard on the edge of the mooring, feet in the water. Nothing much hurt other than pride, but now my maximus gluteus is rather bruised. Reminds me of one of Frankie Howerd's quotes "I fell right on my Coccyx" with the emphasis on the first syllable and a pause before the second.
Misterton Low Lock, with Misterton Top Lock in the distance

We're now moored up in the basin at West Stockwith, the river should be ready for us at about 10.00 tomorrow morning.
Thoughts on the Chesterfield. I would have loved to make it to the top, but circumstances were against us. The scenery is well worth the trip as far as we went. Both Worksop and and Retford seem like nice places and we weren't really bothered in either place by rowdyism. The Worksop and Retford Boat Club were very welcoming.
About the only downside we can think of is the shallow sides and the weeds, but bear in mind that Lyra is deeper than a lot of boats at 30", due to over ballasting.

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