Friday, 17 May 2013

Thursday 16th May 2013
When we got up this morning the lock was already showing open for business.
We had had a notice that the Clarence Dock service block would be out of use again, this time for another week while repairs and redecoration are carried out. Finding this I used the services here to empty 2 cans so that we could get to Leeds with as much capacity as possible. We then moved across the the cut to the rubbish disposal point and cleared out our stuff. After that it was down to the boatyard to get some fuel, when on the river you don't want to be running out.
While getting the fuel Chris Crowther brought his boat through Castleford Lock and moored at the services. When we had filled up we chugged around to where he was moored so that he could start the mods to our cratch cover. As soon as that was done Cath went up to start cycling the lock.
When it was ready I drove in and Cath closed the gates. When she got to the other end control point nothing would work. Luckily there was a sand barge just gone through Bulholme Lock and the keeper was still in the control tower. I called up on the radio to explain our trouble and she said she'd be along as as she could to sort it. When she did it only took a few minutes to sort the problem.
We finally pulled out into the river at about 11.30 and chugged off towards Leeds. Lemonroyd Lock was in our favour so didn't take too long to negotiate. At Woodlesford the keeper was in attendance, we've never seen that before.
We finally pulled into Clarence dock at about 3.15. Mike and Sally off Bendigo helped us to tie up on our pontoon. We're now plugged in, watered up, and settled in.
In the evening I got a surprise phone call from a group of old friends from Glavon TR's, the Triumph sports car group I used to run with. It was their meeting night and they sang a belated happy birthday down the phone. Wonderful!

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