Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday 7th May 2013
We spent a pleasant morning wandering around Retford, a lovely little town with a butcher called Bacon & Sons. Nice looking meat, and a bakery too.
I once again couldn't resist a mooch in Wilkinsons, and bought some wire to reroute the power feed to the Hurricane to see if I could stop it from dropping out when the fridge starts. It's only just as the thing starts up, the inductive load causes the DC at the distribution panel to drop to a level where the heater says low voltage and drops out for a moment, it restarts straight away, but I'd like to see if I could stop it from happening.
After the wander in town we decided to raid Asda for all those supplies that a supermarket is so convenient for.
Lunch over we moved off in search of a water point. The book says there is one by a pub not too far down the canal. Sure enough, there it was in the pub garden. The flow from the tap was the best we've seen for a long time and it only took about 30 minutes to fill our nearly empty 150 gal. tank. Pretty good.
When the tank was full we moved off again, through Whitsunday Pie Lock, the first of the double locks going this way, looking for a mooring spot marked at Clarborough.
Up to this point I've had to dive into the weed hatch twice to retrieve the usual plastic bags and weeds, but after the lock the canal seems very good, and as the picture shows, the weed boat has been busy around here.

The weed boat has left its mark here
At Clarborough we found the mooring spot and we're now tied up for the night. Cath is doing a nice chicken pilau for  dinner tonight, and I've treated myself to bottle of Grouse as it was on offer in Asda, so I'll be having wee dram before the meal.

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