Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday 5th May 2013
The finest day of the year so far. Although a bit of cloud and some wind at the moment it's still very pleasant out there.
We decided to have a rest today to give Cath a bit of an easier time. Rising late, after a leisurely breakfast I had a bit of a go at the stove top to restore its shine before we took a wander into town.
Cath bought some more flowers to replace the daffs which are wilting badly on our little rooftop troughs, and I got some sealant to cure a drip into our cratch area when it rains.
We decided to go up through town lock to the winding hole, turn around and come back down ready to start back towards The Trent tomorrow.
 This straddle warehouse used to belong to Pickfords

 Town Lock, where a new bridge has made it difficult to operate
There's only room for one paddle, no walkway, and a bent balance beam

 Top gate of Town Lock, Worksop
We have noticed a slight smell in the cupboard under the hob. At first we thought something may have got in there and was rotting, but finding nothing it dawned that it could a gas leak. Confession here, I fitted a leak detector  to the gas system when I did the fit out, but the only time it gets used is for BSS. Should really test it regularly, but too lazy I suppose.
Anyway, a quick push of the test button, and there was the answer, yes we had a leak. Out with the spanners, torch and soapy water. It didn't take too long to find, in fact it took longer to empty the cupboard and remove the drawers to allow access. Tightening the joint onto the the hob cured the leak, but we'll keep a nose in the cupboard to make sure.
The next problem I need to address, as soon as I've finished this, is the Hurricane unit has alarmed on flame failure so I'll have to investigate that next.

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