Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday 4th May 2013
After a quiet night we got a nice late start on our way to Worksop. We've decided not to go any further up here, but will turn around and head back to Leeds after this.
Two things helped make the difficult decision, Cath is still unwell, we think it might be whooping cough, and while she can still work the boat, what with her knees playing up as well, it does take a lot out of her. We do have to be back in Leeds in a couple of weeks anyway.
It's a shame to miss the opportunity to get to the top here, everyone says that it's worth it, but other things take priority.
The first lock we came to this morning, Kilton Lock, was well choked up with weed.
I think I mentioned the weeds
Some of the islands of weeds around here are big enough to become tax havens. Maybe someone should try it.
At Bracebridge Lock there was the usual array of city detritus in and around the lock but we managed to avoid getting any around our prop.
We're now moored up in Worksop, I wandered into town to see if I could catch an auto electrical place that I spotted on the web before they shut up for the weekend. Failed there then, and now they won't open until Tuesday so I'll have to wait 'till another time. I'm looking for somewhere to crimp a 10mm ring terminal to some 75 mm sq. cable so that I can shorten one of our cable runs to improve the volt drop I seem to be getting. However a panel volt meter I bought from ebay is proving a real boon. It is showing that the very expensive battery monitor that I installed when we fitted Lyra out is not reading correctly and has been frightening me with its readings for a while. I've checked all the connections and can find nothing wrong apart from the readout being about .2V lower than it actually is. The amp/hr counter is also way out.
While in town I tried to buy a Guardian from WH Smiths, but would you believe, they've run out. finally found one in M&S of all places.

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