Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday 12th May 2013
Once more the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate later in the day. In bright sunshine we set off with no fixed plan of where to stop for the night. If the rain doesn't look too threatening we may well make it as far as Sykehouse Lift Bridge
We bowled along merrily as the clouds started to build up and the wind got up. That wind was darned cold, it's the middle of May and I'm done up like it's January! Reading other boating blogs I'm not the only one wondering if the last bank holiday was our summer.
Bramwith swing bridge soon appeared and after passing through we made a stop at the services before tackling Bramwith Lock.
After that it was decision time,  making a start up the New Junction Canal will put us in a place where there are no moorings until we get to Sykehouse Bridge, which is nearly at the other end. Between there and where we are there are 5 miles, 7 lift or swing bridges and a lock. We wimped out, it's my birthday, so Cath talked me into mooring up and taking the rest of the day off (it didn't take a lot).
After doing some housekeeping in the engine bay the rain started so it was a good call. We've just watched a boat come passed us with the couple on the back looking rather damp, poor things.

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