Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013
Posts are a bit sparse these days for two reasons really. While we're once again standing still here in Clarence Dock there isn't a lot to say, and the other thing is that the internet is still so slow here that posting is very hit and miss. Frequently the pages won't load because it's too slow. I'm lucky to get on now.
We're using the time to do a bit of work around Lyra. The new water pump is in and working, but I may modify the inlet pipework for it some time soon. I've also fitted a second volt meter to sense the second battery bank.
Cath and I attacked the kitchen this morning, doing some overdue spring cleaning. One of these fine days (do we get enough fine days?) I'll continue the ongoing task of de-rusting and patch painting, I'm not brave enough to take on the whole thing. I've also promised myself, again, to tear up the back cabin floor to remove some ballast. Maybe.

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