Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday 15th May 2013
We arrived a Castleford yesterday to collect the new water pump. Disaster, it wasn't there. They'd sent it back because they thought it was the wrong voltage. The delivery was now set for today, but I wasn't holding my breath.
We woke this morning to a new sight for us, Castleford Lock's traffic light was flashing red. We haven't seen this before, it means the river is closed because the flow is too fast.
The first thing along was one of the gravel barges. They don't bother with little things like a flooding river. The keeper penned him through and off he went. It must be good to know what you're doing.
The central heating once again ran out of fuel, so I had to take a can over to the boatyard to get some. We're warm again now.
Later I went into town to get some milk, a Radio times, and my MCN.
The pump finally turned up mid afternoon so I gleefully opened the box to make sure it was what we needed. It was. I'm not going to fit it straight away because I wish to modify the pipe run from the tank, so now I have to go to a plumber's merchant to get some pipe and connectors to plumb it in.
Chis, the chap who made and fitted our cratch cover was on his way down river to start his season's cruising. He was going to stop off with us to carry out a modification to it. He is presently stuck at Lemonroyd Lock waiting for the river to abate. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, and then we can set off for Leeds ourselves.

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