Saturday, 10 August 2013

A canal meeting

Saturday 10th August 2013
First thing this morning we passed through Lot Mead Lock and headed on to Batchworth Lock. This is the home of Batchworth Canal Centre, where there is and interesting model canal set up. Unfortunately it was not in water when I took the pictures.
Not far after the lock there is a Tesco supermarket with a dedicated mooring spot. Very handy. Cath wandered in to get a few things. When she came out she was a bit miffed, it was only 10.00 o'clock and there were no Guardians left for sale. She fumed that this must be the rich south, plenty of Torygraphs, Suns, and Daily Mails, but no Guardian!
I had a bit of a giggle watching a guy in what was obviously his brand new wide beam. He was making such a hash of winding and mooring it was all I could do stop from laughing out loud. I couldn't help him because until the last couple of minutes I couldn't work out what he was trying to do.
The canal continues to be very picturesque through this area. There are lakes all around, I believe they are formed from old gravel workings.
We continued on our slow plod southward, through several more locks, including Black Jack's Lock, which has a lovely mill building next to it.

AT one spot, and for the life of me I can't now identify it we came across a sight which brought a smile to the face.

Our final lock today was Denham Deep Lock. Looking down below the lock I saw an interesting piece of equipment. A floating dry dock. I went to take a picture and then noticed that the boat in it was "No Problem". I've been following the exploits of this boat recently on its blog. They've been having a great deal of mechanical problems recently, culminating in the cooling system being too small for the new engine they had fitted. Now it's in dry dock having a new cooling skin tank fitted.
We've moored up not far from Denham Deep Lock. Here's the link.

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