Friday, 30 August 2013

Lyra to the rescue

Friday 30th August 2013
We got up this morning to bright sunshine. Our mooring was on a channel which spurred off from the river. It looked as if we might be able to go straight ahead to get back onto the river. There were signs warning of shallow water and a low bridge, but it did look as if there was a large boat moored up facing as if he had come down that way. I considered chancing it, but in the end I wimped out and reversed from the spur.
We were moored on the other side of this island.

On our way to the first lock we were overflown by a squadron of swans.
 At Boveney Lock we stopped for the services. Annoyingly, the water is on one side of the river, the can dump and rubbish on the other.
As is usual on the Thames, the lock is well decorated.

Once again there are some stunning buildings along the river's shore. This is Oakley Court.

Buildings aren't the only scenery around here. This is the queue for Bray Lock.

In Bray Lock.

More lovely houses along the river.

Maidenhead bridge. It carries the the A4 Bath Road.

And now for an explanation of the post title.
Just out of Boveney Lock, we rounded a corner and there, drifting in the middle of the river was a GRP boat with smoke pouring from it. We pulled alongside to see if we could be of assistance.
The owner had managed to put the fire out, but it was still smoking a bit. He asked for another fire extinguisher just in case.
We then took him in tow, and delivered him back to his marina, which was at Windsor Racecourse. he directed us down a long inlet off the river, which seems to wind on and on, but finally opens out into Windsor Yacht Basin.   He didn't need our extinguisher, thankfully. Having seen him safely tied up, we continued our journey.
Looking at Google Maps, it seems the basin is on the other end of that the inlet that we moored in last night, but it certainly isn't a navigable channel between the two.
Here's the captain, doing his hero bit. I couldn't claim salvage because the owner stayed on board!
Tonight we're moored up at Maidenhead. In a narrow channel, which means that when boats come past at the speeds they do on the river, we get tossed about a bit.

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