Thursday, 8 August 2013

To Hunton Bridge

Thursday 8th August 20113
Setting off this morning, we were almost immediately into lock 65. After dropping down we continued on as far as the services above lock 66, where we decided to just chuck a can and empty rubbish. The water point was being used by another boat, and we didn't need it urgently so we decided not to bother.
Below 66 we found that the local Sainsbury's has a dedicated shopping mooring, very handy.
After raiding the shop we carried on to Nash Mills Locks where I got this picture of an unusual old working boat.
This boat has been fitted out as an art studio, and also has an old printing press in there.
After this we continued through a further 4 locks and about 4 miles, finally mooring up near Hunton Bridge.
One thing I forgot to mention the other day is a slight accident I had with a windlass (lock handle).
I was winding up a gat paddle, and on hearing the clink,clink, clink of the ratchet pawl I didn't bother to check it by sight. It turns out that what I heard was the pawl bouncing on the ratchet, but on its backside (when disengaged they usually don't lie on the ratchet). As soon as the paddles were raised I relaxed my hand on the windlass, which promptly tore from my grasp, whipped around and whacked me hard on my arm. This tore a large lump of skin off, about the size of a 50p piece. So, off course I bled all over the place until Cath could get the first aid kit out and play nursey.
That'll teach me to be a bit more careful. (And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!)

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