Friday, 23 August 2013

Day 1 of The Wey

Friday 23rd August 2013
After a wet night the day dawned bright with the promise of more to come.
After breakfast we walked into Weybridge and carried out a raid on Waitrose. Not impressed with this branch. Weybridge seems to be a one supermarket town, with no butcher or baker, so it seems that Waitrose is the only game in town.
Once back at the boat, while Cath put the shopping away I cast off and we started out sojourn on this beautiful river.
The first landmark was Cox's Mill.
 It looks as if this lovely building has been converted to flats, but it's still a striking building.
New Haw Lock was next, and the book told us that this was our first opportunity to empty a can, no other services available here.
A quick look around and I found it. Never seen one like this before. Simply a pipe sticking out from a block of concrete, with a wooden bung in it. Strange!
Continuing on we soon passed the junction where the Basingstoke Canal veers off. We aren't sure if we're going to bother with this canal. Cath isn't keen, and the weather may well play a part in our decision.
The next lock is Pyrford, here there is a fine looking pub Called The Anchor. We may well give it a try on our way back. There were lots of people around here, probably drawn by pub, but the fine scenery must have a lot to do with it.
The water point is right on the lock, but the canal handbook asks boaters to please use the staging on the right, just above the lock. This staging seems very light, and is quite short, but it does the job ok.
We had been warned that the locks were quite fierce in their filling on this river, and they weren't kidding. They only have gate paddles at the top, and they are not baffled at all. You have to be very careful when drawing them or the boat would get thrown around quite badly.
We're now moored up just past Walsham floodgates. Like every bit of the river we've seen today, it's a lovely spot.
I've tried adding a couple more pictures here but for some reason it won't let me.

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