Saturday, 31 August 2013

Henley (nearly)

31st August 2013
Yesterday I  went into Maidenhead for a look around. It's a small town, seems quite compact, with narrow pedestrianized streets. A good mix shops, I particularly wanted a Wilkinson's because they do D water at a fair price. The other day I was in a Halfords, and they wanted  nearly £2 for a litre of the stuff. Wilco do it for 79p. As usual I ended up buying all they had on the shelf, 5 litres.
This morning we had to reverse from our mooring because the channel was too narrow for us to wind. It's Saturday so the locks are very busy, we had to wait at a couple of locks for 2 cycles before we could get in.
The day was bright, but overnight a front had moved through and the wind was very cold. By the afternoon the wind had abated, and it was glorious.
We had planned to moor up before Hambledon Lock, but all the mooring that we could use was taken (it was a fine Saturday and all the weekend boats were out). After the lock we managed to find a spot on Henley Reach. It's chargeable mooring, £8.00, but a lovely spot, and at least an effort has been made to provide something to moor to. Many places don't bother, but still charge just for the privilege of being there.
Some pics from today's travels. I don't have location data for some of them because I can't remember exactly where I snapped them.

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