Thursday, 29 August 2013

On to Windsor

Thursday 29th August 2013
Last night there was a small party of young folk having a slightly noisy time on the steps near our mooring. It slightly bothered Cath, but as long as they weren't doing any harm, let them enjoy life. It was all over by about 11.00.
This morning though there was a huge amount of detritus left from their revelry. Bottles, tins, and snack packets.
A lovely lazy start today, we didn't get out of bed until about 8.40. Once again the weather has been kind, and the sun shone brightly on us as we plodded along.
As ever there are some interesting things to be seen on and by the river.
This was a lovely fountain very near to our mooring.

Also this sculpture in the same park. That's the old town hall in the background, it's up for rent or lease.

An unusual riverside house near Staines.
 There are some unusual boats around here. That's the M25 in the distance.

Another trip boat taking tourists around Runnymede.

This is a lovely craft.

Ready to sail the seas.

Albert Bridge, near Datchet.

Romney Lock has a lovely show of flowers.

When we reached Windsor we moored up on the town side, in  little bywater. Signs say there is a charge for mooring, I'm sure someone will be along to extort money from us soon.

Windsor has this memorial to Sir Sydney Camm, designer of the Hurricane, the Hunter, and the Harrier.

Of course when in Windsor you can't miss this.
Cath and I took a wander around the park area where we're moored, very pretty. Of course the prices for ice cream etc. are almost unbelievable, but heck, it's Windsor.

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