Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bull's Bridge

Sunday 11th August 2013
An easy day. Setting off this morning with only 2 locks to do today, a boat pulled out ahead of us so we would have a share at Uxbridge Lock.
All the way down from Denham Deep as far as Cowley Peachy was taken at almost tickover because of all the moored boats. There are a few houseboats along this stretch too. A few of them look very nice, but the majority are in need of a lot of TLC.
The boat we shared the first lock with was only going as far as the water point so we did Cowley Lock alone, and then carried on past Cowley Peachy Junction, the start of the Slough Arm.
After the junction the linear moorings stopped so we were able to put on a bit of speed for the last bit of the journey.
At Bull's Bridge we've tied up by Tesco where there are 24 hour moorings. Tomorrow we will have breakfast in their cafe, as we did 7 years ago when we were last here.
While here No Problem chugged past and gave us a toot on their way back to The Thames, we had a wave and yelled good luck, they deserve it after all the trouble they've had.
We have started looking at our trip on The Thames. My first estimate of the time out of Limehouse Lock was a bit out. Thankfully I posted on a canal discussion forum our intention and asked for comments, also to see if anyone else was planning a trip the same day (Saturday). Someone very kindly pointed out that the published times were GMT and we are on BST. I had to add an hour to our projected departure time. I do love the forum!

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