Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday 6th August 2013
Sunday night was spent well beached. The pound dropped a fair bit and I couldn't rock us off the shelf, so we put up with it.
Yesterday was spent moored up just above Marsworth Bottom Lock. The weather forecast had been dire, so we decided to just hunker down.
As it turned out it wasn't that bad throughout most of the day. Light rain most of the morning, but it looked better in the afternoon. The boat in front of us decided that the weather looked like it was going to clear in the mid afternoon, so they untied and set off. 5 minutes later the heavens opened! Poor things.
This morning we set off before 8.30 and made our way up the remaining 6 Marsworth Locks.

In lock 44 I saw this little chap in the lock and decided to help him out and put him in the marshy area alongside the lock.

We continued to climb, finally reaching the top lock at Bulbourne Junction.
 Where we were greeted by no less than 3 C&RT volunteer lockies.
As we made our way along Tring summit we caught up with Deborah, in "Princess Betty". She was struggling along with an unwell engine. She motioned us to overtake, so I did.
At Cowroast Lock we stopped for the services, and by the time we had finished Deb had caught up with us, so we shared the locks down into Berkhamsted

We found a mooring easily, it's very pleasant parkland, and the town boasts a Waitrose so Cath is in heaven.
The boat moored opposite us at present is the one which left yesterday. I was speaking to him and he confirmed that they got soaked. The rain ceased when they reached to top lock!
This is our mooring tonight.

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