Friday, 13 September 2013

A soggy summit

Friday 13th September 2013
Just note the date. Nothing really went wrong, other than the weather that is.
This morning we set off at about 8.30, with the intention of completing the summit pound, and then dropping through the 9 locks of the Napton Flight before stopping.
Once again the weatherman got it wrong. Not long ago we spent a day moored up because the Met Office predicted torrential rain all day, and all we got was a couple of moderate showers. This time they told us that there was 20% chance of light rain, and guess what, it p*****d down all morning. We trudged along the top of the canal, stopping at Fenny Compton Wharf to throw a bag of rubbish before continuing through the downpour. The trees on the hills around here were disappearing into cloud cover.
After about 4 hours we reached the top of Napton Flight. By now the rain had ceased and we were considering tackling the flight. As the lock mooring hove into view we saw a queue of 4 boats waiting to go down, with boats coming up. After a short pause for thought we decided not to bother, and have pegged out for the night.
No piccys again today, its been too wet for the camera.
here we are

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