Saturday, 7 September 2013

Farewell to The Thames

Saturday 7th September 2013
Yesterday turned out to be much nicer than the Met Office predicted. The plague of frogs, or cats and dogs became a light shower. However, we stayed put anyway, and I went for a wander around the city, explored the covered market, and had a look at The Castle. Later I did a bit of shopping to top up our larder. I did find what looked like a lovely bit of rib eye steak in the market and couldn't resist it. We'll have it for our dinner tonight.
This morning dawned bright, and after breakfast we set off for our final bit of The Thames. Through Osney lock, and under the low Osney Bridge. No more 'gin palaces' now, they can't get under the bridge.
We had decided to use Duke's Cut to reach The Oxford Canal, so we passed Sheepwash Channel, and continued up The Thames, past Port Meadow, a huge water meadow, it's common land, and has not had the hand of man change it for hundreds of years.

Godstow Lock, with another good show of flowers. This is the last powered lock heading upstream.

The reins of Godstow Abbey are close to the lock.

Godstow Bridge.I didn't know it as I took this piccy, but that's 'No Problem' on the left. We stopped for a short chat with Sue before continuing on our way.

Next up was King's Lock. This is a manually operated lock. We're glad that there are two keepers ready to do the work for us.

Operating the manual wheels.

King's Lock cottage.

Farewell to The Thames, hello Oxford. Duke's Lock, the first narrow lock for a long time.

Kiddlington Green Lock, a beautifully tranquil setting.

Lyra entering Roundham Lock.

At Langford Lane Bridge Lyra's engine shuddered and stopped suddenly. We had to use the pole to get into the side so that I could fish this tyre from around our prop.

We were lucky that I managed to get it off without too much trouble.

We've stopped at Thrupp for the night. While we travelled the weather has been fabulous. Since mooring up, the clouds have gathered and we've already had one sharp downpour. The sky to the west of us looks really black.
We're moored longside Canal Road.

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