Monday, 30 September 2013

Nottingham to Gunthorpe Lock

Monday 30th September 2013
Off once more, heading through Nottingham, past the old BW and FMC buildings. I don't know what the BW building is now, but the FMC warehouse is now a popular waterside pub/restaurant. Through Castle Lock and round the sharp bend on the cut we pass Meadow Lane, home of Notts County FC.
At Meadow Lane Lock there are services, which we needed. What to we find? A pair of idiot/antisocial nits, in tupperware boats had moored on the service mooring and gone away. We managed to stop across the weir and get off the boat to reach the water and elsan points. How I would have loved to crush those plastic pigs. Rant over!
We dropped in Meadow Lane Lock onto the Trent and continued our cruise downstream. Holme Lock turned his green light on as we approached, so it was straight in and down. I'd forgotten over the summer, Trent locks carry radio, and so do we. I dug out our radio, and gave Stoke Lock a call as we came around Radcliffe corner, and the lockie had it ready for us as we arrived. Once again, straight through.
Our intended overnight stop was Gunthorpe Lock, and as we sailed up to the moorings I spotted Grace & Favour, a widebeam that had shared Clarence Dock with us earlier this year. They're heading towards Nottingham to visit the Goose Fair which is next weekend.

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