Thursday, 5 September 2013

Success in Oxford

Thursday 5th August 2013
We motored gently up towards Abingdon Lock this morning. As we set off another narrowboat came past so we thought we'd be able to share the lock. 'Twas not to be, there was already someone waiting and only room for the two of them.
We were soon joined by a cruiser, and the lock cycled on our favour.
Once again we're travelling quite slowly because we want to complete a wash load and don't wish to sit moored up running the engine if we can help it.
We were first out of the lock, but the cruiser soon overtook us. We were glad not to be following him for long. We thought it was only old ditch crawlers that smoked like that!

 We passed Nuneham House, overlooking the river

The trip boat looks quite bare of tourists this morning.

Lockside flats at Sandford Lock

Sandford Lock has a very good garden.

A sad site on the river. It looks as if one of these boats caught fire, I don't know what happened to the other.

When we arrived at Iffley Lock, the keeper had it all ready for us.

 Iffley Lock has a lovely lock cottage

After seeing that unusual houseboat cruising down the river the other day I spotted this one near Oxford. It also looks capable of true cruising.

They seem to be rather keen on their rowing around here.

We managed to get a mooring nearly opposite the mouth of the River Cherwell. It's a good spot, not too far from the town. There have been a few drunken groups roaming around, but they haven't caused any problems, yet. The impending rain will probably put them off later.
I did have one success today. A little while ago I discovered, to my horror, that two engine mounting nuts had come adrift. One had fallen onto the engine bearer and I retrieved, and replaced it. The other I couldn't find. It must be under the engine, and there's no way I can get under there. Because everything around it is metal I don't think fishing with a magnet will get it out.
I've been trying for a few days now to find a supplier, but because it's a fine thread only a specialist fastener stockist will have it. Finally I managed to find one. After several attempts, one of the boatyards I tried recommended Toolmaster on the Oxford Road. Sure enough, they had them in stock, and to put icing on the cake they could supply them in Nyloc.
This afternoon I walked into town to try to get a bus out to where they are, and after asking one of the bus managers, I think we used to call them inspectors, I was pointed in the right direction.
I have now attached the nut, and our engine is once again tied down tight.
Here's our mooing for the night, and looking at the weather forecast we'll be here all day tomorrow as well.

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