Sunday, 1 September 2013

On to Reading

Sunday 1st September
The year seems to march on much quicker as we get near to autumn.
Last night the mooring fees boat came knocking and relieved us of £8.00. At least they have actually made some provisions for mooring by putting in posts to tie up to, so we didn't mind.
Another slow start to the day, nearly 9 before we decided to roll out of bed. By the time we were ready to cast off it was nearly 10.
We cruised down Henley Reach, where the famous Regatta is held every year.
We passed Temple Island.

 And Henley

Missed the suicidal rowers

And this lot tripping each other up.

Under Henley Bridge.

Another of those fake paddle steamers. The wheel rotates freely when the boat moves.

The full New Orleans experience?

Marsh Lock has very good show of flowers and shrubs.

Just few more of the fine houses along the Thames.

This trip boat is out early today.

Caught a shot of this magnificent Red Kite soaring in the sunshine.

Sonning Bridge is quite pretty.

Sonning Lock, last one today.

We had thought about mooring in or near Sonning, but the mooring signs want £10.00 for the pleasure, so we didn't bother. Reading was just around the corner, so to speak, so we carried on, past the entrance to the Kennett and Avon canal, and have now tied up on the Tesco 24 hr mooring. A very handy place this is.
Once we were tied up I got stuck into an oil change, and with that done I wandered over to Tesco and got myself a pork pie for lunch. I really should get on and do a gearbox oil change as well, but, never do today what you cna put off 'til tomorrow.

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