Monday, 9 September 2013

A very damp day

Monday 9th September 2013
The weather forecast for today wasn't too bad, so we had planned to travel up to Ahyno Wharf where there is supposed to be a good food pub.
It had rained nearly all night but seemed to be easing off a bit After breakfast the rain had nearly stopped, and going on the forecast from yesterday we decided to set off.
No sooner had we moved than the rain got worse. We managed to carry on for about an hour, but with no prospect of it improving we gave up and moored just above Dashwood lock.
At about 2.00 o'clock the rain seemed to have stopped, so, with thoughts of a good pub meal in mind we decided to carry on. Of course the rain hadn't really gone away, but at least it was only a slight drizzle, for a short time. Soon the sun actually tried to make an appearance and it was reasonably warm.
We ploughed onward and finally made it to Ahyno Wharf at about 5.00pm, it's been the longest day's travel we can remember in a very long time.
After all that we just hoped the pub was open and serving food. It was, so we prepared to go out for the night.
At about 5.30 the rain started again, heavy showers, but luckily they dried up before we started out for the pub.
The Great Western Arms is a fine establishment. The food is excellent, the house wine good, and the service wonderful. All in all it was worth the effort to get here.
Tomorrow we expect to be on Banbury.
No piccys today, much too wet for the camera. Here's our mooring tonight.,-1.276764&spn=0.001794,0.005284&dg=optperm&t=h&z=18

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