Saturday, 14 September 2013

And so to the Northern Oxford

14th September 2013
With the weather once again forecast to be wet, we decided to get a another early start.
Consequently, at 7.30 we slipped the mooring and headed for Napton Top Lock. As expected (hoped anyway) we were the first down. The first 4 locks went quite smoothly, at the 5th we met a single hander lady coming up. She was two locks down, but the pounds were very low so she was letting water down from above. After about 10 minutes of washing through from the pound above the level was sufficient for her to continue and allow us to pass in the next pound.
After that we met boats at the rest of the locks, and there wasn't too much of a problem with the water level.
We chucked a can at the bottom lock services before continuing onto The Grand Union as far as Braunston. Here we stopped while I visited the chandlery to get a few things and then we set of up the Northern Oxford, but only for about a mile before mooring up for the night.
The expected rain didn't happen (surprise surprise)! Now, tomorrow it's supposed to be absolutely foul, that is according to those jokers at the Met Office. so we plan to sit still. We'll see just how it turns out, if they're wrong again we'll move. All alone, right here

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