Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Wednesday 4th September 2013
Once again the day dawned bright and shiny. There was a hint of mist over the water.

After a nice cup of coffee we pulled the pins asd set off, expecting to reach Abingdon this afternoon.
We reached Day's Lock just as the keeper was coming on duty.

There was already a boat on the mooring, but for the life of me I can't remember its name.

Waiting for the lock to fill.
 This is the lovely Clifton Hampdon bridge.
 After that came Clifton Lock, but I got no piccys in that one.

Appleford rail bridge is having a make over. There was a lot of noisy work going on in there.

Next up was Culham Lock,

Soon we were looking for a mooring in Abingdon. We chose to stay on the south side of the bridge, where mooring is a bit more difficult due to the high banks, but didn't fancy going through the bridge only to find all the mooring on meadow land had been taken.
The waterside here is lovely, specially when the sun is shining.

This is Abingdon Bridge. We walked over it to get to town.

St Nicholas Church in the town centre. Close by is The Guild Hall

After a spot of lunch we strolled into town to do some provisioning. Cath got some apples and sugar to go with the blackberrys I picked the other day. She plans to make the jam on Friday, when the weatherman is promising us rain all day.
By then we should be in Oxford, and if the weather is as bad as predicted we'll just settle in and wait it out.
Here is where we are:


  1. You are moored exactly where we were last night!

    1. Sue
      We thought the bed felt warm!


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