Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Out in the country again

Tuesday 3rd September 2013
After a very peaceful night at Beale Park, we plodded slowly up river with the intention of running the engine a bit longer today in order to give the batteries a bit more charge.
At Gatehampton rail bridge I managed to capture a train crossing.

The Weir at Goring Lock

We had Goring Lock to ourselves.

Next up was Cleeve Lock, the weir here looks like it's only trickling. The lockie says he's looking forward to some rain at the weekend, the river needs it!

The Leatherne Bottel & Restaurant looks like it was waiting for customers. Looks like a great place to eat, pity it's a bit too early.

 At Moulsford rail bridge I once again managed to catch a train. It's a double width bridge with 4 tracks on it.

Wallingford bridge. We got grounded here many years ago, going down stream we got too far over on the right of this picture. It's very shallow as we found to our cost. Took an age to get off.

Benson Lock was the last of the day. This is its weir.

Shillingford Bridge. I wonder if the name actually means that once it cost a shilling to get across the river here.

Just outside Benson we passed this wonderful looking houseboat. What an idea someone had! Look at the guy sitting nearest, he's got a wheel and controls. Now that's what I call a houseboat.

Just a few riverside houses.

We stopped at a boatyard in Benson to see if they might have a nut for one of our engine mountings. The other day I discovered that two of the mountings had shaken their main nuts loose, and one of them is missing. It has to be under the engine, but I can't get under it to look, it's just too tight.
Of course it isn't a standard nut, I reckon it's a 12mm X 1.5 fine thread, so may not be too easy to find.
Once again we're moored up out in the country, near a place called Shillingford.
PS Heard a good one today.
There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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