Sunday, 8 September 2013

Along the Oxford

Sunday 8th September 2013

Last night we had a bit of rain and I got this lovely shot of a rainbow.

Sunshine greeted us as we got up this morning. After a cup of coffee I wandered up to check out the services mooring, it was clear, so while Cath went up to operate the bridge I cast us off.
Using the services turned out to take a lot longer than we expected, the water hose was  bit slow.
While we were waiting a chap strolled up who I thought I recognized from his avatar. I was right. It was Maffi, the author of a blog which I follow, and frequent contributor to both Canal World Discussion Forums and narrowboatworld, an online news service for the canals. He is a very outspoken character who has the good of the canal system at heart.
This is his boat, The Millie M.
 Finally our tank was full and we set off again. The first lock today was Shipton Weir Lock, this is a strangely shaped lock, it's hexgonal, which lifts boats only about 1ft. onto a short river section.

This chimney grabs the eyes it just seems to grow right out of the trees. I think it's in a quarry or something similar.

Another boat which I've heard of before. The owner of this one a blogger, she's also a scientist at Oxford, and writes a regular column for Canal World magazine.

Not long after taking this picture the rain started in earnest, so we decided to moor up for the day.
We've got a good spot, out in the wilds. 
Right here.

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