Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A summer Cruise

Tuesday 17th June
Once more we are venturing forth from Clarence Dock.
With our new house purchase taking a lot longer than we had anticipated we are taking the opportunity for a little cruise, Just a couple of weeks, going down to Lincoln, we hope.
Last weekend was a real treat. It was Brenda's (our daughter in law's aunt) 70th, and the family gathered at Fasenda, a wonderful restaurant beside River Lock in Leeds. We took the chance to bring Lyra up from our mooring in the dock to tie up outside the restaurant. This made a few folk jealous.
On Friday, Dave and Jo on 'Grace and Favour' had had enough of Leeds and we helped them through River Lock on their way down to Lemonroyd.
Monday we shopped and topped up with fuel for our trip. This morning we pulled the power lead and set off.
Leeds Lock was passed with the greatest of ease, Sally, from Bendigo, had seen our moving and decided to cycle the lock for us. Wonderful service, thanks Sal.
At Knostrop Lock I decided to jump off and take some pictures because this place will change dramatically when the new flood alleviation scheme is complete. Part of the work is to remove the bank between the navigation and the river to provide greater storage of water. The weir itself will be more controllable with moving parts.

At Woodlesford we saw this odd looking craft, I think it might be modified from a life boat.

We continued down the A&C as far as Whitley Lock. A long day by our standards, nearly 7 hours. All the locks were in our favour, a first for us I think.

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