Monday, 23 June 2014

Lincoln Cathedral

Monday 23rd June 2014
A fine sunshiny day saw us deciding to take Lincoln's 'Walk and Ride' bus up the hill to Lincoln Cathedral.
This magnificent structure dominates the city. The castle is also up there on the hill, but isn't as obtrusive as the cathedral.
After our wander around the Gothic pile we walked around in the hill top area, and had lunch in a small hotel restaurant.
We spied a large tower up there and were intrigued as to what it was. It turns out to be a rather grand water tower. Constructed around 1911 after a typhoid epidemic in the city. As seems to be the usual case, it came from contaminated water. In this case it was the River Witham. A complete new water system was designed and built, culminating in this extravagant structure.
Speaking of extravagant structures I make no apology for the number of photos of the cathedral. I just love their OTT architecture, usually driven by one man's ego to have the biggest or best.
 The font

 One of many beautiful wood carvings along The Nave

 The Chapter House

 The view from the cloisters

 Flying buttresses outside the Chapter House

 A statue of Tennyson in the garden

 This little imp has been included as a reminder of evil

 They call it 'Steep Hill' for a reason

 Lincoln's grand water tower

The view from the base

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