Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lincoln Sunday

Sunday 22nd June 2014
Once we were moored up and settled in Cath and I took a wander around Brayford Pool to get a feel for the place. It is as pretty as we remember.
There are two ways we can get to the other side, where all the eating establishments are. One is a flat walk around the Pool the other is to climb the steps up onto the flyover. We chose to go the flat way at first.
The food area is very well provided with a selection of restaurants from Italian, Mexican, Indian and burgers. Too many to give a comprehensive list. There is also  theatre and pub.
We stopped off for a Ben & Jerry's ice cream on our way around. To complete our tour we walked over the flyover and down the steps back to Lyra.
Last night we again ventured out for a meal and chose the 'Eat Italian' place. The menu was interesting, Cath chose a fish dish, which seemed to be an Italian take on the Spanish paella. Not being a fish lover I went for the belly pork. Very rich it was too.
This morning we again headed out, this time looking for the Lakeland shop. Cath feels very deprived not having a Lakeland in Leeds. Low and behold, they had run out of the main item she had gone to get. But you can't leave without buying something, so we gained a set of freezer storage boxes.
As I promised last night here are some piccys. The little deer was wading in the Fossdyke as we went passed, and didn't seem too concerned as we passed by. I didn't get decent picture of it because the sun made looking at the screen viewfinder on my camera impossible. It's one of the downsides of an otherwise good camera.

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