Friday, 20 June 2014

Keadby to Torksey

Friday 20th June 2014
The lockie had told us we would get a 10.45 release through the lock this morning. A nice lazy start, giving us time to do a bit of cleaning, fuel and water filling as well as checking the engine bay.
Spot on time the lockie open the swing bridge and called us forward. We were the only occupants of the lock and soon the exit gates opened and we were on our way.
As soon as we were out on the river it started to rain. Typical I thought! But it was only a short, very light shower. The weather stayed mostly cloudy for almost the entire trip.
Of course the tide was with us and we were soon zipping along at 6, rising to 7 MPH, with an occasional flash to 8 on the satellite speedo.
We continued thrashing along, past West Stockwith and then Gainsborough. To my amazement we saw some narrowboats in the distance, we were catching them up. This is unusual, as whenever we have been in convoy on any river we have been hard pressed to keep up. We soon overtook them. The first boat was not going through the lock at Torksey, but the second was. He told me to press on, as he couldn't go any faster.
We weren't too far from Torksey by now so I pressed on but waited in the lock for him to arrive rather than getting the lockie there to cycle it twice. We weren't in a hurry as we were going to spend the night here anyway.
 Towards the end of the trip the weather did clear up
 Torksey church taken with telephoto
 Cottam power station
Sharing Torksey Lock with "Rock Solid"

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