Thursday, 26 June 2014

Up the hill

Thursday 26th June 2014
Well, we did it today! The place we wanted to see today was about half way up the steep hill on which the castle and cathedral sit. The special bus which makes the climb to the top for lazy folk like us doesn't actually stop half way up, only at the bottom and then at the top. Cath isn't too clever and walking down hill, it hurts her knees too much, so we opted for the climb. We certainly needed that cup of coffee when we finally made it.
The climb was worth it though. there is an art gallery and a local archaeology museum. Cath went for the art and I headed for the interesting stuff. We both spent nearly 2 hours perusing our bits of the place before stopping in the cafe for lunch.
Having eaten we then decided to bite the bullet and finish the climb to the top. As I commented on one of my earlier photos, they call it Steep Hill for a reason! Wow, what a climb, well it is to two unfit people like us. We saw young women pushing kids in buggies up the hill, it must certainly keep them fit.
Once at the top I took a couple of more photos of the area before we took the bus back down to the main town.
The weatherman has promised rain this evening, although it doesn't look like it a present. We plan to go out for our meal tonight, but on the off chance that the Met Office may have got it right (for a change) we stopped off in M&S and bought something to eat in the boat if it all gets bad.
 As in many English tourist places, horse and buggy rides are on offer

 The main entrance to Lincoln Castle

I have no idea what this gate, between the cathedral and the castle, is called.

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