Saturday, 21 June 2014


Saturday 21st June 2014
A glorious midsummer's day. We awoke to the sun streaming though the curtains, and it has continued all day.
We cast off from Torksey and headed down the Fossdyke, sometimes know as the Fossditch for very apparent reasons. It's a fairly straight, steep sided cut, which was originally dug by the Romans. Its has been through several periods of use, and dereliction resurrection over the years. Running from the Trent to the sea at Boston, it passes through Lincoln, and I suspect that most of the traffic stops here. I'm told that Boston isn't a great tourist destination.
Arriving at Brayford Pool here in Lincoln we reported to the Harbour Master to check in and get our mooring. Unfortunately it's not in an ideal position, but at least there is power and water. The elsan is fair bit away, as is town, but at least we won't have to run the engine to charge or do washing.
I'll probably get some piccys to post for tomorrow.

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