Saturday, 28 June 2014

Farewell to Lincoln

Saturday 28th June 2014
Under a leaded sky we cast off from Brayford Pool and set course back along the the Fossdyke.
There were a few boats moving this morning, notably we came across a small river cruiser trying to tow a narrowboat. He was making progress, but it looked like hard work for him. The crew on the boat reckoned they had a fuel blockage. I wonder if it was the dreaded diesel bug, which seems to affect quite  number of our boats. Once you have it in your system it can be difficult to shift.
We arrived at Torksey at about 11.45 and spoke to the lock keeper. He told us that between 10 and 11 tomorrow morning will be the best time to set off for Keadby. There were a couple of boats due to arrive on the Trent and come up through the lock, so when they were up the lock would be in our favour and we could go through and tie up on the river pontoons to await tomorrow's tide.
Small bit of excitement this afternoon, the roar of a jet engines made me look up and there was a Vulcan, one of the most beautiful aircraft in my opinion. I'll never forget as a young man watching one of these things come overhead low and then start a hard climb, the noise was awesome.
Tonight we hope to meet John and Sue here and go out for a pub meal.

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