Friday, 27 June 2014

Last day in Lincoln

Friday 27th June 2014
Not a very pleasant day. It was raining when we got up, but it stopped long enough for me to do the 'can run'. A bit later it stopped again so Cath gave me a shopping list and sent me on my way to the local Morrison's.
Luckily the rain held off all the time I was out. I then had thoughts of spending our final afternoon looking around the Bishop's Palace, but once again the heavens opened, so I didn't bother.
I did a bit of boat cleaning, then very lazily sat down with the computer and surfed or played patience. Cath watched Wimbledon. Of course Andy was playing, and won easily.
Tomorrow we'll set off for Torksey where we have arranged to meet John and Sarah for dinner. The weather man keeps changing his mind about what to expect in the morning so we'll just have to wait and see.
Thoughts on Lincoln. We like the place, there's more to see than we have gotten around to.
What we didn't like was the mooring we were given. Just in a position so that scroats could lob cans and cups down on Lyra. Luckily I don't think we sustained any damage, it's just annoying. Bring back flogging I tell you!!
 Anyway, we must get back to Leeds as our house purchase is reaching reaching a crisis point. We are still unsure if things will go ahead alright.

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