Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stainforth to Keadby

Thursday 19th June 2014
After a quiet night in the little town of Stainforth we tootled of towards Keadby.
Onwards then, through Thorne Lock, which has a manual swing bridge interlocked with its operation.
We stopped at Thorne visitor moorings to drop into the town where I got my MCN and bought some Parmesan cheese for our risotto tonight. Next up was Princess Bridge, this swing pedestrian bridge is a constant pain in the butt to boaters and the townsfolk alike. It's tricky to operate because the gate sensors are difficult to line up, and there is no indication that they aren't until you try to open the bridge. Then it won't work, but the fault is at the far end gates, the gates at this end are now locked and won't open to allow access to get to the far end gates.
There is a telephone number, which no one answers. Luckily an impatient cyclist came along, lifted his bike over the first gates and after doing the same at the other end he wiggled those gates and finally the sensor 'made' and the bridge worked. Several locals were very scathing about the bridge, saying it was the biggest waste of money in the town.
there are several more swing, and one lift bridge on this next stretch towards Keadby. At the second bridge, a powered swing, we were lucky to catch a boat coming through. At the next we had to hold it open for two boats coming the other way. After a few more we reached the end of the line, Keadby where there is a unique sliding railway bridge, where a dedicated operator opens it for us.
I walked back and took a few pics of bridge.
 The rail bed of the bridge, you can just see the canal on the right
 The slideway with the wires that pull it
An engine crosses
We're now moored up in Keadby, and tomorrow we should be off up the Trent at about 10.45 according to the lockie.
We've managed to book mooring in Lincoln so we should be able to stay for several days without having to run the engine to charge or run the washing machine.

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