Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday 15th June 2012
Taking a look at the sky this morning we could see no hint of the high winds and rain or showers that had been foretold.
A decision was taken to move and we duly cast off and plodded east past Burton Upon Trent. This world famous brewing town is skirted by the canal, and you don't see much of it apart from boards advertising brewery tours, the smell of brewing, and the sight of a few silos.
We stopped only momentarily to empty a can before continuing on our way. the wind was starting to rise by about 11.00 o'clock and we had decided to try and get to Willington for the night.
As we pulled into the mooring at Willington it was just gone 12.00 o'clock and the first drops of rain were just starting. What timing was that!
The rain didn't last long, but since then there have been several showers, some quite sharp. I wonder if the dire predictions for tomorrow will have changed by the morning?
We've just learned that we have won the auction of a mooring at Clarence Dock, Leeds, so Lyra now has a home mooring.
PS I don't know if there's something in the water around here but we've seen several large families of both swans and ducks. Maybe it's the breweries!

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