Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday 2nd June 2012
Once again the weatherman seems to have got it wrong. Casting off from Anderton this morning it very soon started to rain and didn't let off all the time we travelled.
The canal winds its way though the countryside as only a contour canal can. The outlook is predominantly rural but there are some huge industrial sites. The one at Northwich is easily the largest, and dominates the canal when you pass through. As we passed the site of The Lion Salt Works it was heartening to see that finally there seem to be some serious work going on to turn it into an industrial heritage site. It seems to have been on the wish list for years now and every time we passed it there didn't seem to be any movement, but now things are happening.
After Northwich the canal spends a fair bit of time travelling through wooded areas, and just before Middlewich there is a picnic and BBQ area set on the off side. Shame about the weather!
At Middlewich there is a flight of 4 locks and the bottom one is another of those anomalies on the system, a wide lock capable of taking a full size wide beam boat, no other locks around here will accommodate this size, so why?

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