Thursday, 7 June 2012

Thursday 7th June 2012
Just try to remember, this is June!
We spent today still tied up in Kidsgrove. The forecast was just so specific about the wind and rain that we decided to take another day out from travelling. Once again the the Met Office got it right, it hasn't stopped raining all day and the wind is pretty high too.
Despite the foul weather there are still boats which do have to move, this is half term and there are quite a few hire boats out there. It's been quite a sight watching those poor dripping wet people passing us on their way to the lock.
To honour this unseasonable weather we decided to have unseasonable food so Cath made a lovely stew and added some chilli flakes, boy was that warming.
From the look of tomorrow's forecast we may well spend another day here, but after that we'll have to move to empty our can.

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