Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday 21st June 2012
We've just returned from a few days in Leeds visiting Damon, Liz and Daniel. Enjoyable time, and we got a few things done. The two most important of which were picking up new prescriptions to keep these decrepit old frames going a little longer, and to confirm our mooring slot at Clarence Dock.
Our journey back down the motorway was not pleasant, the rain just hammered down for a lot of it, but at least we didn't get caught up in any traffic jams.
We're now using the shore power to get a few wash loads out of the way, and we really should get on and do some boat cleaning, but I'm feeling far too lazy at the moment.
The present weather looks like it may force us to change our plans for the immediate future. The River Soar is not looking a good prospect at the moment, so we may turn around, head back to Fradley and turn south from there.
Finally, our grandson Daniel is taking part in a sponsored stroll today, with a super heros theme.

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