Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday 16th June
We did stay put today. Although the Met Office had changed the forecast to be a bit better we decided not to move. It was a good decision.
This morning I strolled onto town to get Cath a newspaper and bumped into Bruce, off Sanity Again. We spent the very cold winter of 2010/11 as neighbours at Great Haywood Marina, and he was very helpful when I was ill, lifting a gas bottle into our locker when I was too weak to do it myself. Good to see him again, looking fit and well.
It's been blustery all day so we're quite glad we didn't move. I went back to town later to do a bit of shopping, later we moved the boat by pulling it about 30 yards so that we could receive satellite tele and Cath is now settled down with tennis.
Tomorrow we'll try to get to Shardlow, which is the end of the T&M canal. We've decided that trying to get to Leeds in the next week is not a runner so we hope to put the boat in Sawley Marina, hire a car and go to Leeds that way.
On a completely different topic, our much vaunted Hurricane heater has started to get noisy again (a new compressor was fitted under guarantee 5 moths ago). When I contacted Calcutt Boats about it they admitted that there is a known problem with the later design of compressor on this model so it remains to be seen what they intend to do about it.

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