Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday 11th June 2012
Back to Great Haywood. After doing a bit of shopping in the Morrison's at Stone we set off heading to Great Haywood. It was here that we over-wintered 2010/11. The trip here was quite easy, all the traffic seemed to be going the other way, and at all but one of the locks we met boats coming up. The weather was a bit dank, it didn't actually rain, but it was cold.
Once we reached Haywood we stopped at the service mooring for the usual reasons and then slowly plodded down the line of moored boats looking for a spot to spend tonight. I'd just given up thoughts getting without going down Haywood Lock when Cath spotted a place where I thought one didn't exist. Sure enough, we just fitted in. It's the perfect place, only a few yards from the bridge and then a short walk to The Clifford Arms where we will be joined by John (our son's father in law) for a meal.

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