Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday 29th June 2012
A nice quiet night at Fazeley, this morning we cast off and moved across to the other side of the canal to use the service area, more rubbish and another can gone.
At the junction we turned right onto the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. The canal passes close to Drayton Manor Park, but the only clue to this is the unique footbridge over the cut.
Soon after that we started the long climb up to Birmingham. The first rise is the 11 lock Curdworth Flight. The weather was windy and kept threatening to rain, but only a few drops actually found us.
Just past the top of the flight we found a good looking pub with mooring at Minworth.
The map showed that there was a large Asda quite close by so I took the trolley and carried out a raid to replenish our larder.
Tonight we'll eat out at the pub, and tomorrow we're not sure how far we will get into Birmingham, but I hope to make it all the way.

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