Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday 28th June 2012
This morning we awoke to hear light rain on the roof, but it soon stopped and by the time we'd finished breakfast it wasn't looking bad at all.
We chugged off through some lovely countryside, in places both banks of the canal are overgrown making a fine wildlife habitat, but a narrow channel for the boats. But dark clouds were gathering, as we were passing through an area marked as a firing range there was a brilliant flash of lightning followed by an almighty bang, a sound which I can only describe as the nearest thing I've heard to the main armament of one of the tanks I used to crew. Then the rain started. Luckily we weren't too far from a mooring, so we pulled in and waited it out. After about 30 minutes the sun again showed itself so we ventured out once more.
It didn't last long, and again it started to tip down. Luck once again played its part as a lovely wide bridge appeared across the cut. We hid under it until the the downpour abated.
Not long after this, as we approached Fazeley Junction the rain started again so we decided to call it a day and moor up for the night. Good decision! No sooner were we tied up than another storm blew through.

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