Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday 1st June 2012
Under cloudy sky we set off this morning. It wasn't cold, and there was a hope that the sum would show itself later. 
Soon we arrived at the junction with The Tent & Mersey Canal. Here there's a branch of Midland Chandlers and despite getting a few things yesterday i just had to have a browse in the toy shop.
We ended up getting new wind up torch to replace the one stolen in Sheffield last year, and a different oil change pump. I've now tried 2 types of electric pumps which failed very quickly so this time I'm trying a vacuum job. Time will tell if it's OK.
Just of the junction there is the stop lock. Just about 2 inches difference in level. But is ensured that one canal didn't "steal" water from the other. This lock is a strange one, this is a narrow canal, but the stop lock is 10 ft wide, too narrow for a wide beam or two narrow boats, so why the width? It fells good to back in Lyra's natural habitat, the narrow canals, where the locks are small and (generally) easy.
We've now moored up just passed The Anderton Boat Lift.

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