Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday 8th June 2012
Another day drowned! 
This morning necessity spoke, telling me I had to empty a can, or else. There are two service blocks quite near, Red Bull, which had been off line when we passed,  and tunnel entrance. A look at the map showed that even if the Red Bull services were back on line, the walk to either of them was 50/50, except Red Bull was down hill with the full can. I rang BW to see if they were working yet, and the answer was no.
With the decision made for me, I set off with the trolley to look for the tunnel entrance. It wasn't actually raining, so I didn't bother with any rain gear. Half way there the heavens opened and although there were bridges to hide under, with no idea how long the downpour would last I didn't bother.
After returning to the boat we decided to run the engine and start a wash load so that the batteries could get a good charge, yesterday's use of the slow cooker had left them a bit low.
Shopping was next on the list so I grabbed the wheelie bag, wet gear, a brolly and set off.
Having completed the list and paid the cashier I headed for the exit. One look outside and I decided to stay put! It was chucking it down! I cowered in the entrance porch until it slacked off to a steady rain and then made good my escape.
The rest of the day we've spent in the warm and dry while the rain tipped down outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit better, and unless it's a biblical flood we'll try to make it at least as far as Etruria, and if it's dry we may continue a bit further.

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